A Truly Global Education

King’s College School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, opened its doors in Cascais, Portugal. The school comes with a 50-year heritage of academic excellence from King’s College schools, coupled with the global experience and expertise of Inspired - the leading global education group with over 80 premium schools, across five continents.  

As an international school that provides a truly global education in the Lisbon area, King's College School, Cascais offers the world-renowned Cambridge International curriculum up to Year 10 (age 15), along with a Bilingual (Portuguese and English) programme for students up to Year 5. We are also actively working towards becoming an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme candidate school for when our students reach Years 12 and 13 (age 17 and 18). The new campus will be ready in September of 2024 and will offer state-of-the-art facilities on an expansive, 40,000sqm plot.

The King’s College School Difference

King’s College School in Cascais offers: 

Access to the Inspired Global Group of Over 70 Premium Schools
Access to the Inspired Global Group of Over 80 Premium Schools

Experience and learn with other students at Inspired’s premium schools across 23 countries.  Enjoy unrivalled global learning through exchanges, summer camps and connecting to learn in class to other Inspired students around the world.

A Heritage of Academic Excellence
A Heritage of Academic Excellence

50-year heritage of academic excellence from the King’s College School group, providing proven excellence in premium education to over 70,000 students worldwide.

Specialised Subject Teachers From Primary Onwards
Specialised Subject Teachers From Primary Onwards

Students are taught by specialised subject teachers in the areas of Maths, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Science, Music, Computing, Physical Education, Dance, Public Speaking and Drama. 

Hand-Picked Teachers From the Inspired Group
Hand-picked Teachers From Around the World

Our hand-picked teachers provide the best in-class teaching and the deepest learning from Inspired’s global group of premium schools around the world.

Exploration & Evaluation
Integrated Technology for an extended learning experience

Our students have access to a variety of technology tools to deepen learning across the curriculum and provide them with the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of content.

First-class campus with boarding facilities

King’s College School Cascais will be located in an extensive state-of-the-art campus that will offer the highest quality learning facilities and brand-new, modern boarding facilities. 

Elite & Student Sports Programme

Our Elite Sports Programme is a unique, structured pathway, offering a solution to the demands of combining elite sport and education. 

Specialist Coaching to Ensure Top University Destinations
Specialist Coaching to Ensure Top University Destinations

With access to Inspired’s specialist university counselling opportunities, over 90% of Inspired graduates go on to attend their first-choice university, and 1 in 3 students attend Russell Group or Ivy League universities.

Commitment to Excellence

At King’s College School, we are dedicated to supporting every student to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of the curriculum. 

Skills for Success

Our blended curriculum offers depth and breadth of learning, to ensure that all students have the skills necessary to succeed in their desired future pathways. 

Innovative and Creative Teaching and Learning

We combine rigorous teacher recruitment, continued professional development and innovative teaching platforms and methodologies to ensure the best student outcomes.

A Unique Curriculum

Our premium education offers students a blended curriculum that combines the Cambridge International curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students benefit from the uniquely developed Inspired Approach to Early Years education, building up through the world-renowned Cambridge International Primary and Secondary curriculums and IGCSEs, through to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that is proven so successful in accessing the best universities in the world. Languages are an important part of the curriculum, and this unique learning pathway will also draw on the culture, values and heritage of Portugal. We believe this is a unique combination that offers both breadth and depth of learning to ensure entry into the top universities around the world.

The Inspired Approach to Early Years Education (Age 1 – 4)

Our Early Learning approach is child-centric and places each student in a rich, caring, and relational learning environment. Creativity, alongside a rigorous literacy and mathematics pathway, forms the foundations of an international future for your child. Our approach is founded on the following principles: 

•    The Competent, Relational child. 
•    Creativity in childhood for Lifelong Academic achievement 
•    Deep Learning-Responsive Teaching 
•    Neuroscience, Intersubjectivity, Small-Group Learning  
•    International Futures

This approach has been developed through many years of research and practice across our 80 schools and is unique to us. 

The Goal

The Cambridge British Curriculum to Year 11 (Age 5 – 16)

Throughout their schooling, students are immersed in the very best international education. The British IGCSE curriculum creates open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals, with students learning from first-hand experience – not just textbooks. The King’s College School programme provides a structured and rigorous learning pathway that ensures deep learning and skill development across a broad range of subject areas.  Students follow the Cambridge British curriculum from Reception to Year 11, ending with the International GCSE examinations. 

The Approach

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for Years 12 and 13 (Age 17 & 18)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a world-renowned and internationally recognised qualification. It offers students a robust preparation for university or the world of work by providing a transformative learning experience to build confidence, independence and an inquiring mind. Upon graduation, students receive the globally recognised IB Diploma.

The Result

The Result

This blended curriculum truly advantages students at King’s College School, Cascais. From the strong base provided by the Inspired Approach to Early Years education, to the academic rigour and subject stretch from the globally acclaimed Cambridge International IGCSEs, to embedding the transformational global learner profile characteristics from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  This academic structure along with language acquisition, offers a formula that is proven to support the most successful transition into the world’s leading universities or the workplace.  


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Enrolling Now: Early Years Foundation Stage (Age 1) - Year 10 (Age 15)

Admissions are now open for the 2024-25 academic year for students for the Early Years Foundation Stage (age 1) through to Year 10 (age 15). We are also accepting applications for Year 9 and Year 10 for our brand new state-of the art Boarding House.  

The school will continue to expand adding a new year group annually through to Year 13 (age 18) which is the final year of school.

We have extensive experience in students transferring into our schools at all year groups levels and are accustomed to working closely with the previous school in order to ensure the smoothest of transitions, academically and pastorally, through our well-established student induction programmes.

Parent Testimonials

Being at King's College School, Cascais has rekindled our daughter's love for school. She genuinely adores it and tells us with enthusiasm about her day. We couldn't be happier as parents

— Thomas James

I just have to express my deepest gratitude to all the King's College School, Cascais staff. My kids walk in everyday announcing that they had "the best day ever!" We were most concerned about the school adjustment, leaving South Africa. After only two weeks both kids are excited for Mondays and are absolutely loving their days. I hear about how fun English, Science and Math was. This is a first! Obviously, PE is amazing but to hear how fun the classes are is new!

— Tonya Seiler
Student painting