King’s College School will open its doors in September 2022, offering classes from Pre-Nursery/ Early Years (Age 1) through to Year 8 (age 13). In September 2023 we will extend the school to welcome students up to Year 10 (age 15) and then each subsequent year, the school will naturally grow to add a new year group until we get to Year 13 (Grade 12 in the Portuguese system). It will be in the final two years of school (Year 12 & 13) that we will prepare our Sixth Form students for graduation and entry into top-ranked universities, such as those in the US, UK, Europe and others around the world.

King’s College School, Cascais is owned and operated by Inspired, the leading global group of premium schools which operates over 80 schools educating more than 65,000 students across 5 continents. Inspired is a for-profit group and does not solicit donations or charge any debentures. Inspired constantly invests in its schools to ensure that students benefit from its top global educators and state-of-the-art facilities. All our schools are recognised worldwide for offering the highest education standards and achieving the best academic results, ensuring entry into the world’s leading universities. 

A typical day at King’s College School, Cascais will begin around 8:30 am and end around 4:30 pm. Younger learners will have one break in the morning and lunchtime, while older students will have a break before and another after lunchtime.

The school will provide healthy balanced meals using natural ingredients. A healthy diet will be promoted through Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) lessons. The school will accommodate special diets on request.


Yes, the non-refundable registration fee is €500. 

Applicants from Reception to Year 1 are required to meet with the Head of Primary or a senior primary staff member. 

For Year 2 until Year 5, King’s College School, Cascais applicants are interviewed by a school psychologist.

From Year 6, applicants must also take a GL Cognitive Ability Test 4 (CAT 4 exam), an online age-related objective assessment test.

Note: The CAT 4 is not a knowledge test. There is no way to fail or pass, nor any way to prepare for this diagnostic test.  

Yes, there is a registration fee of €2,000 (Pre-Pre Nursery to Year 7) or €5,000 (from Year 8) to reserve your child’s place, this fee is not refundable. 

Yes, King’s College School, Cascais will include daily lunch for all our students up until Year 6, and additionally will include 2 snacks (morning and afternoon). From Year 7 daily lunch is not included in the annual fees.

King’s College School, Cascais school fees will include educational materials (books, notebooks, art materials, etc.), school day trips (local) and student insurance for all students as part of our fees. There is a list of basic materials (list provided by the school) that all students will be required to bring for their personal use, including stationery and an iPad from Year 5 upwards. 

Yes, King's College School students will wear the school’s uniform which consists of three different variations:

  • Daily Uniform
  • Official Uniform
  • Sports Uniform

No, King’s College School, Cascais does not include uniform and extracurricular clubs in yearly fees. These will be charged separately. 

The school will grow organically, in two phases: from its official opening in September 2022, we will welcome children between 1 year old (Early Years) to 11 years old (Year 7). During the 2023-24 academic year the first phase of the expansion will be completed and we will welcome students until Year 10 (Age 14). The last phase will be completed by April 2024. As these students grow older, school year groups will progress with them until we offer Year 13 (Age 17) in September 2026.


King’s College School, Cascais offers students a blended curriculum that combines the Cambridge curriculum until Year 11 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from Year 12.

Throughout their schooling, students will be immersed in the best international education. The British IGCSE curriculum creates open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals, with students learning from first-hand experience – not just textbooks. The King’s College School, Cascais programme provides a structured and rigorous learning pathway to ensure deep learning and skill development.

As the school grows, students in Years 12 and 13 will move on to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a world-renowned and internationally recognised qualification. This gives students a robust preparation for university or the world of work. Upon graduation, students receive the globally recognised IB Diploma.

Our blended curriculum gives students an advantage by developing academic rigour from the globally acclaimed Cambridge International IGCSEs, then embedding the transformational global learner profile characteristics from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that supports the most successful transition into the leading universities worldwide.

At King’s College School, Cascais, we regard foreign language acquisition as a critical element for internationally-minded children and their families. Therefore, in addition to opportunities within the curriculum for Portuguese, French and Spanish languages, students can also receive additional tutoring after-school in various languages to accelerate their learning of these essential world languages. These extra classes will be delivered by fully qualified, native-speaking teachers.

All students will study Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at IGCSE. In addition, students can then also choose 3 complementary subjects from the following: Art, Business Studies, Computing, Design Technology, Drama, Economics, Environmental Management, French, Geography, Global Perspectives, History, Sports Science, Music, Portuguese, French or Spanish.

While the final subject selection will be clarified closer to the time that the Sixth Form is opened, here are some example IBDP courses that are typically taught at King’s College Schools and other Inspired schools:  Biology HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL, Mathematics: analysis & approaches HL/SL, Language A: Language & Literature (English) HL, Language B: French & Spanish SL/HL, Language AB Initio: Spanish SL, Geography SL, Psychology HL/SL, Sport, Exercise & Health Science SL, & Computer Science SL/HL.


Yes – there will be a house system at the school consisting of four houses – each with a house colour, name and identity. We will use the house system to encourage friendly competition between the students, such as during sports days.  This is a fundamental element in order to teach students to be chivalrous winners and gracious losers and helps form a core part of the King’s College School family.