Our approach is defined by supportive academic excellence and the exploration of life skills, to develop students’ self-confidence and learning character. We do this through a deliberate focus on the individual student and by offering a broad curriculum based on Inspired's three curriculum pillars. Academics is at the centre of our approach, and this is complemented equally by Creative & Performing Arts and Sport. This rich curriculum ensures that every student can discover their passions and develop their skills - students are encouraged and supported to excel across all areas, even those they find more difficult.  


Our Three Pillar Approach

Three Pillars - Academics


Central to all of our schools, our core of academia teaches our students critical and lateral thinking to inform their understanding and application of a wide variety of disciplines, by using innovative teaching and learning methodologies that are naturally integrated with technology. At King’s College School, we follow the Cambridge International curriculum to Year 11, with a bilingual English/Portuguese stream to Year 5, which is then followed by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Year 12 and 13.


Inspired’s sporting pillar stands for health and wellbeing, fun, motivation, self-discipline and self-esteem. Whether involving students in team sports or introducing them to individual pursuits, we aim to provide a sports programme to suit every student. King’s College School students can get involved in a broad range of sporting pursuits including football, basketball, cricket, swimming and tennis.

While some students go on to achieve national and international honours, all students benefit from the fitness, enjoyment and a life-long interest that sport can provide. The physical exercise involved also contributes to mental alertness necessary for successful study. 

Three Pillars - Performing Arts

Performing & Creative Arts

The arts help to instil confidence and self-assurance within our students to nurture and develop their interests for life. This confidence is derived from performance, an appreciation of the arts and a creative approach to all that our students do. 

From drama lessons and public speaking, to instrumental music lessons and the visual arts, King’s College School students get to experience it all as part of the core curriculum.

Holistic approach

A Holistic Well-Rounded Approach

Academic results are vitally important, and lead to the qualifications that open-up the world beyond school, at university and the world of work. But Inspired schools do not teach students to simply pass tests. Instead, students reach their academic potential when they are engaged in the learning process. Students self-confidence is strengthened, they are empowered by learning to think critically, and when their approach to study is ignited by outstanding teaching and learning methodologies; this creates a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Mindfulness routines and our PSHE programme complements the academic curriculum creating a respectful and safe environment for students to grow in a culture that supports everyone, while taking into account each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities. 

Challenge and Extension

Central to our principles is the importance of nurturing the unique individuality, talent and passions of each student. We wish to develop every child’s potential and to allow them opportunities to undertake tasks which move forward their learning and allows the development of higher-order thinking skills. This is why we offer students access to our Challenge and Extension programme, which is available to all students, regardless of ability. 

The foundation of the Challenge and Extension programme is the development of a ‘mindset for learning’, incorporating the ideas of resilience, effort and the understanding that success is in the hands of the individual. 

Assessment and Exam Preparation

Supporting Each Student to Achieve their Maximum Potential 

By utilising our outstanding programme of student tracking and creating individual intervention plans for every student, we support students to be able to achieve their maximum potential.

We use cognitive testing to measure potential and students have an Inspired Assessment and exam preparation plan to track their individual progress.
We take a cognitive research-based approach to testing with our Cycle Test Programme. This is a weekly test (of all academic subjects on a rotational basis) under examination conditions for all students in Year 4 upwards. The function of these tests is to provide a snapshot of what a student has achieved, to embed the learning they have done, and to reduce stress associated with high stakes assessment through ongoing familiarity with the process. They are also used as diagnostic tools to let teachers know what has been learned by the students and to flag further areas needing consolidation.

Students also undergo two mock exams, known as ‘double trials’. This combination of mocks with cycle testing prepares students for public exams better than any other system.


Exploration & Evaluation

Integrated Technology for an Extended Learning Experience 

Our students have access to a variety of technological tools that match the task at hand. These provide them with the opportunity to utilise technology to solve problems and offer a deeper understanding of the world.

Embedding educational technology in our curriculum can extend learning in powerful ways. From the smallest learners in our Early Years classrooms utilising the Beebots and Toughcams through to the more senior students engaging in robotics development and navigating with the 3D printers. Besides having a major impact on their ability to access content, resources, and materials, technological integration encourages collaborative work and practical engagement and incorporates different learning styles including problem-solving skills.

Online Learning

Students from Inspired schools across the world have achieved outstanding and record-setting results, despite the extraordinary circumstances triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inspired’s online, live and continuous e-learning system stepped in seamlessly during the Covid-19 crisis, ensuring their learning was uninterrupted, and students’ ambitions and university aspirations were achieved.